Case History
You will be asked detailed questions specifically regarding your particular problem, followed by a full medical history including your general health, lifestyle and any accidents, injuries, and any other health complaints past or present. This will include current medication and previous investigations or treatment. So, if you do have had any X-Rays, MRI Scans or test results then please do bring them along.

Physical Examination
A detailed physical assessment of you is then carried out, evaluating your posture, mobility and your muscoskeletal system. This often involves a number of specific orthopaedic and neurological diagnostic tests but may also include cardiovascular, respiratory and abdominal examinations in order to facilitate a clear diagnosis.
In some cases I may feel that its necessary for you to undergo further tests or analysis before treatment is suitable. In these situations I will explain what your next step should be and make the appropriate referral.
Please note that in order to make a full assessment of your body you are often required to undress down to your underwear so, please wear something suitable, shorts are fine. A screened changing area is provided and you may bring a chaperone if you require.

On completion, all findings and diagnosis will be clearly explained and an appropriate treatment plan, including the probable number of sessions that you are likely to need
The treatment itself usually takes approximately 30 minutes and is typically involves a number of techniques including Soft Tissue Massage, Articulation, Manipulation, Muscle Energy Techniques and Stretches.
The treatment will approach your body as a whole not just focusing on the painful area. Generally, that part of your body has only become painful because the areas around it are in dysfunction so in order to solve the problem it is important to address the wider issues.

Treatment is only part of your path to recovery so I will end the session with advice on pain relief, posture, stretches, diet, exercise and any changes that need to be made in order to aid recovery but also prevent possible recurrence.

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